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Choosing the right refrigerator for your household

The french door refrigerator represents one of the newest trends and latest styles in home refrigeration. It provides easy access to each area of the unit and offers a unique and elegant style. If you’re in the market for a new refrigeration unit, don’t purchase one until you understand the importance of reading unbiased reviews and develop a budget for your new purchase.

Why Are Reviews About the French Door Refrigerator Important?

Similar to any purchase, you want to make sure you are purchasing a solid product that will meet your household’s needs. Today’s refrigerators are a far cry from those of yesteryear. They offer much more than a cold place to keep your groceries. Many come with multiple controls, LED viewing pads and complicated cooling systems. Consequently, you should narrow down your selection to two or three units and read consumer and business reviews about the product.

Refrigerator to modernize your Kitchen

Refrigerator to modernize your Kitchen

A recent study released by BizReport revealed that sales prices plays a significant role in purchasing for consumers. The report also revealed that product reviews were important to 61 percent of consumers. The product review provides insight into how well your french door refrigerator will operate. Consumer reviews, and those offered by companies like CNET, deliver information about a product and act as a recommendation.

How Should You View French Door Refrigerator Ratings?

First, you should locate reviews from several sources for the same product. For example, if you plan to purchase your refrigerator from a big company like Lowes, look at reviews on the Lowes website, but find information on the product through at least two other sources. Make sure the sources you select are reputable.

Second, useful online review sites offer information about a product’s pricing, specs and pros and cons. The best sites offer a narrative that reveals the details of product testing.

Last, you can use product reviews to find common consumer complaints. For example, if you find multiple customer service or repair complaints at multiple sites, chances are the company has some issues with delivering a strong customer service or repair program.

Initially, you should use french door refrigerator reviews to find out the specs, pros and cons, customer service reputation and common repair problems or product defects. Try to identify a common theme, positive or negative, and determine if you can live with the negative remarks. If the negative remarks are insignificant, such as a few mentions of a quirky LED panel, consider the chances that your unit will have the same problem. But, if the reviews mention difficulty requesting and executing repairs within warranty, consider purchasing a different model. Ultimately, you should view the ratings as they apply to your situation.

The Importance of Counter Depth

Selecting a french door refrigerator requires several aesthetic considerations. If you have a custom kitchen, purchasing a free-standing refrigerator might not integrate well with your decor. Consequently, you should consider purchasing a counter-depth french door refrigerator.

While market availability for counter-depth refrigerators is limited, choosing this type of configuration delivers a custom look. The counter-depth model is slightly smaller (25″ – 27″ deep) when compared to standard models (30″ – 32″ deep). This model compensates for the loss in depth with added height and width.

The counter-depth unit provides several benefits. You can save substantial space if you have a small kitchen. In addition, they save space in kitchens that provide refrigerator space at the corner; the front of the unit does not encroach into open space because it is flush with the counter. The french door counter-depth unit saves space and provides a stylish option for customized or small kitchens.

The Top French Door Refrigerator Brands

The top brands include models from LG, Samsung and Whirlpool. The LG Smart ThinQ delivers a range of traditional refrigeration components, such as humidity control, and technically advanced options, including Internet connectivity and smartphone apps.

Samsung delivers several special features in many of its models. For example, you can purchase a unit that offers a door alarm, surround air flow and a power freeze system.

Finally, Whirlpool’s line of french door refrigerators come in a range of finishes and provide several special features. For example, you can opt to purchase a unit that offers black and steel finishing. Ultimately, choosing the right unit requires that you examine your budget.

Staying on Budget When Purchasing a French Door Refrigerator

Today’s refrigeration units offer a wide range of options. So many that choosing the appropriate model can present a challenge. In addition, finding the perfect balance between features and budget is difficult. Despite this, you should stick to your budget and identify a model that meets your basic needs and some of the features you want.

Start your search by measuring your space, twice. Determine what type of french door refrigerator will work well in your space: standard or counter-depth. Keep in mind that some counter-depth models are more expensive than standard units.

Next, decide on freezer location. You can choose a model that has the traditional top freezer or one that offers a bottom freezer. Keep in mind that bottom freezer units will cost more.

Finally, select the most important features, such as a water dispenser or ice maker. Once you decide on size, freezer location and features, search for units that match these requirements and fall within your budget. Your budget should also include the price of any additional warranty.