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Why To Buy Electrolux EI23BC80KS Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Electrolux has been famous for its unique designs and features in its appliances that amaze the users like anything.  The features of Electrolux EI23BC80KS French door refrigerator are also amazing and are the reasons that you should buy this amazing appliance for your home.

  • A perfect temperature drawer features around nine temperature options and around three personalized settings. The temperature range is between 28 to 42 degrees.
  • There is an advanced Filtration system that keeps the clean air circulated all around inside to stop foods from developing odors and to keep them fresh.  You also get clean ice and water at your fingertips.
  • The touch controls are also amazing. It is excellent for you if you want the options to be visible. It displays all the options every time you want.
  • The glass shelves are made with excellent quality and they are made for proper functioning. They help you store the food exactly the way you want.
  • The humidity controlled crispers glide smoothly and keep the food fresh with the humidity control and also less variation in the temperature.
  • The LED lighting inside keeps everything visible and allows you to see that whether the food has spoiled or not.
  • The freezer drawers also glide out easily and give easy access to everything that is inside.
  • The soft Bin in the freezer is perfect storing things such as ice cream or anything that you want to keep frozen.
  • Also a Pizza bin is situated conveniently for easy access.
  • The alarm system alerts you in case of power failure,  door being left open for more than 5 five minutes and if the temperature rises beyond 56 degrees.
  • Also a beverage and wine mat makes the organization of things easy.
  • It is energy star qualified and this means that it will save on energy bills and save energy as well.

The overall dimensions of the refrigerator are 28.5” x 36” x 70. The total capacity of 22.5 cubic foot and it is enough for storing great quantities of food. You can store ample amount of things within this much capacity and also different sections inside keep your things more organized than ever. The total shelf area is around 26.4 square foot.

The price of this Electrolux EI23BC80KS French door refrigerator is around $3,008 and it offers the features that are worth way more than that. You simply need to buy this amazing invention and lessen your worries as it takes care of everything. Just put in your food without any worry of the food being spoiled or developing any odor. You will also get a warranty of 1 year of limited parts and labor that you can claim anytime within 1 year of time. The refrigerator is attractive in design and improves the look of the kitchen to the fullest.

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